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BISE Lahore Board 11th Class Result 2024 is expected to be announced on the 2nd October 2024.

BISE Lahore Board 1st Year 11th Class Result 2024 holds great importance as it reflects the students’ hard work throughout the academic year. BISE Lahore 1st Year result not only determines students’ progress but also plays a great role in shaping their future. On this page, we are going to inform you that BISE Lahore Board 1st Year 11th Class Result 2024 will be announced on 2nd October 2024. Here we are going to tell all possible means to check your result, You need to remain to check this page of glob-facts to get all updates about your result.

Main Features BISE Lahore Board 1st Year 11th Class Result 2024

Board NameBISE Lahore
Class1st Year
Examination Annual
Result Date2nd October 2024
Date Sheet DeclarationMay 2024
Exam Date of 11 Class5th June 2024
Total Marks550
Result AvailabilityOnline, via SMS, By Name, By Gazette

Ways to Check BISE Lahore 1st Year Result

When it comes to checking the BISE Lahore 1st Year Result 2024, students have several accessible methods. On this page, we have mentioned the different ways through which you can check your results. These methods provide you with various options to access your BISE Lahore 1st Year Result 2024. Choose the one that suits you best, and celebrate your academic achievements! Usually, there are four main ways to check the result.

1- By Roll Number

2-By SMS

3-By Name

4- By Gazette

1. Result By Roll Number

To check your result by roll number, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the official BISE Lahore website.
  2. Look for the “Result” section and select “1st Year Result 2024.”
  3. Enter your roll number in the provided field.
  4. Click the “Submit” button.
  5. Your result will be displayed on the screen, showing your subject-wise grades and total marks.

2. By SMS

To check your result by SMS, use this method. Open the messaging app on your mobile phone. Create a new message. Type your roll number in the message body. Send the message to 80092 SMS code provided by BISE Lahore. You will receive a text message containing your result details, including subject-wise marks and overall grade.

3. By Name

To check your result by name, you have to visit the official BISE Lahore website. Then navigate to the “Result” section and select “1st Year Result 2024.” Enter your name in the provided field. Browse through the list of names to find yours. Click on your name to view your results, including subject-wise grades and total marks.

4. By Gazette:

To check your result using the gazette, here’s what you need to do visit your educational institution affiliated with BISE Lahore. Look for the printed result gazette. Locate the section corresponding to your class (1st Year). Search for your roll number in the gazette. Find your result next to your roll number, showing your grades in different subjects.

Marks Details

The passing marks for 11th-class examinations are 33% in each subject. So the 1st Year student must score at least 33% marks out of 100 in each subject to pass the annual examination.

SubjectTotal MarksPassing Marks
Computer Sciences10033
Islamic Studies5017
Pakistan Studies5017

Importance of 1st Year Result

The importance of the 1st Year Result for Bise Lahore students cannot be overstated. This initial milestone in your academic journey carries a multitude of implications that extend beyond mere grades. In this article, we delve into the significance of the 1st Year’s Result, highlighting its impact on your educational path and future endeavors.

Foundation for Academic Progress

The 1st Year Result serves as the cornerstone for your future academic progress. It sets the tone for your performance in subsequent years and provides a basis upon which you can build your knowledge and skills. Strong academic performance in this crucial year establishes a solid foundation, enabling you to tackle more advanced subjects and concepts with confidence.

Stream and Career Path Selection

One of the pivotal aspects influenced by the 1st Year Result is the choice of your academic stream and subsequent career path. The subjects you excel in during this year can guide you toward fields where you demonstrate a natural aptitude. Whether you aspire to pursue medicine, engineering, humanities, or any other field, your 1st Year Result can play a pivotal role in shaping these decisions.

Scholarships and Financial Opportunities

Exceptional performance in the 1st Year Result opens the door to various scholarship opportunities and financial incentives. Many educational institutions and organizations recognize and reward students who exhibit outstanding academic achievements. These scholarships not only alleviate financial burdens but also provide recognition for your hard work and dedication.

Building Confidence and Motivation

A strong performance in the 1st Year results bolsters your self-confidence and motivation. As you witness the tangible results of your efforts, you’re more likely to feel encouraged to continue striving for excellence. This boost in confidence can positively impact your overall attitude toward learning, leading to improved performance in subsequent academic endeavors.

Parental and Peer Recognition

The 1st Year Result holds significance not only for you but also for your parents, guardians, and peers. Your achievements reflect the collective support and guidance you receive from your loved ones and educators. Your success can serve as a source of pride for your family and inspire your peers to excel as well.

After Examination Activities

The period after completing your examinations and while awaiting the BISE Lahore 1st Year Result 2024 offers a valuable opportunity to engage in productive and enriching activities. Make the most of this time by exploring a range of options that not only keep you engaged but also contribute to your personal and academic growth. Here are some useful activities to consider:

1. Skill Enhancement

Invest your time in learning new skills or honing existing ones. Online platforms offer a multitude of courses, from coding and graphic design to languages and music. Building a diverse skill set can be both rewarding and beneficial for your future endeavors.

2. Volunteer Work

Engage in volunteer activities within your community or at local organizations. Volunteering not only gives you a sense of purpose but also provides an opportunity to give back to society and develop a sense of empathy and social responsibility.

3. Reading and Learning

Immerse yourself in books, both for pleasure and personal development. Reading enhances your vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Explore a variety of genres to expand your horizons.

4. Physical Activities

Maintain your physical well-being by engaging in regular exercise. Whether it’s jogging, yoga, swimming, or a team sport, staying active helps you stay energized and focused.

5. Creative Pursuits

Explore your creative side through activities such as painting, writing, photography, or crafting. Expressing yourself creatively can be therapeutic and help you discover new talents.

6. Online Courses

Enroll in online courses related to your field of interest. This can give you a head start on your future academic pursuits or career goals.

7. Career Research

Use this time to research potential career paths. Understand the requirements, job roles, and opportunities associated with different professions.

9. Personal Projects

Embark on personal projects that you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s organizing your room, starting a blog, or planning a community event, these endeavors can be rewarding.

10. Mindfulness and Meditation

Practice mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress and improve your mental well-being. Developing these practices can have long-term benefits.

Punjab Board
DG Khan

History and Responsibilities of BISE Lahore Board

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore holds a rich history and a set of crucial responsibilities in the realm of education within its jurisdiction. Let’s delve into the historical background and key responsibilities of the BISE Lahore Board.

About BoardBoard information
BoardBISE Lahore Board
Board Website
SMS Code80092
Board address86 Mozang Rd, Block B Jubilee Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000
Board JurisdictionDistrict Lahore, District Kasur, District Sheikhupura, District Nankana Sahib (Lahore division)

Historical Background:

Established in 1954, the BISE Lahore Board has a legacy spanning several decades. Its inception was a pivotal step in enhancing the quality of education and examination standards within the Lahore division. Over the years, the board has evolved, adapting to changes in the education landscape and embracing advancements in technology to ensure the effective administration of examinations and result declarations.

Responsibilities of BISE Lahore Board

The BISE Lahore Board is entrusted with various responsibilities aimed at promoting education excellence and ensuring a fair examination system. The primary responsibility of the board is to organize and conduct examinations for both intermediate (11th and 12th grade) and secondary (9th and 10th grade) levels. This involves setting exam schedules, preparing question papers, arranging examination centers, and supervising the examination process to maintain fairness and transparency. The board is involved in the development and revision of curricula for various subjects at the intermediate and secondary levels. This ensures that the curriculum remains up-to-date and aligned with educational standards.

3. Result Compilation:

After the examinations are conducted, the board is responsible for compiling, processing, and tabulating the results. This meticulous process involves verifying marks, calculating grades, and ensuring accurate result declarations. Upon successful completion of examinations, the board issues certificates and transcripts to students as evidence of their academic achievements. These certificates hold significance for further education and career pursuits

The BISE Lahore Board is committed to maintaining the integrity of the examination system. It implements measures to prevent cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of malpractice during examinations, thereby ensuring fairness and transparency. The board acknowledges outstanding academic performance by awarding scholarships, medals, and certificates of merit to top-performing students. This recognition serves as a motivating factor for students to excel in their studies.

The board is responsible for affiliating educational institutions within its jurisdiction. It also conducts inspections to ensure that affiliated institutions adhere to educational standards, curriculum guidelines, and examination protocols. The board maintains a comprehensive database of student records, examination results, and other relevant information. This data management ensures accurate record-keeping and easy access to information for various purposes.