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Result11 Class
Total Students10,0000
Result Date 2nd October 2024
Result Announcement Time10:00 AM

1st Year-11th Class Result BISE Multan will be declared on 1st October 2024. It holds very importance for students. It not only reflects their hard work throughout the year but also acts as a compass guiding them toward their academic goals. The result helps students assess their strengths and areas that require improvement, allowing them to plan their educational journey effectively.

How to Check 1st Year Result BISE Multan Board

The anticipation surrounding the 1st Year Result from the BISE Multan Board is undeniable. With various methods available to check your result, this article will guide you through the process step by step, ensuring that you can access your result effortlessly.

Checking by Roll Number

1: Open your web browser and navigate to the official BISE Multan website.

2: Locate the “Results” section on the homepage and click on it.

3: Enter your roll number in the designated field. Double-check for accuracy.

4: Click on the “View Result” button. Your detailed 1st Year Results will appear on the screen, providing subject-wise grades and overall performance.

Result Checking by SMS

1: Compose a new SMS on your mobile phone.

2: In the SMS body, type your roll number in the format specified by BISE Multan.

3: Send the SMS to the official BISE Multan result inquiry number.

4: Shortly after sending the message, you will receive an SMS containing your 1st Year Result.

Checking by Name

Visit the official BISE Multan website using your preferred web browser. Navigate to the “Results” section on the homepage. Instead of the roll number, enter your full name as registered with BISE Multan. Click on the “View Result” button. A list of results matching the name you provided will appear. Locate your name and click on it to access your detailed 1st Year Results.

Checking by Gazette

Obtain the official gazette from authorized bookstores or BISE Multan offices. Look for your roll number or name in the gazette’s list of results. This might require some time, but it guarantees accurate and verified information.

11th Class Marks Detail

In 1st Year examinations, there are 33% passing marks in each subject, Hence it means that a student must score at least 33 out of 100 marks in each subject to pass the examination.

SubjectTotal MarksPassing Marks
Computer Sciences10033
Islamic Studies5017
Pakistan Studies5017

1st Year Results History of BISE Multan

Board NameYearResult TypeClassResult Date
BISE Multan2022Annual11th17-11-2022 Thursday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2021Annual11th29 -10-2021 Friday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2020Annual11th14-5- 2020 Thursday 03:00 PM
BISE Multan2019Annual11th09-10-2019 Wednesday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2018Annual11th08-10-2018 Monday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2017Annual11th10-10-2017 Tuesday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2016Annual11th10-10-2016 Monday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2015Annual11th10-10-2015 Saturday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2014Annual11th10-10-2014 Friday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2013Annual11th22-10-2013 Tuesday 10:00 AM
BISE Multan2012Annual11th01-10-2012 Monday 10:00 AM
Punjab Board
DG Khan

About BISE Multan

Board InformationBoard Details
Board official Website
SMS Code800293
Board addressGol Bagh, Near, High Court Colony Gulgasht Colony, Multan, Punjab
Board JurisdictionLodhran, Multan, Khanewal, Vehari

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Multan, commonly known as BISE Multan, is a significant educational authority in Pakistan that plays a pivotal role in the academic journey of students. Established with the mission to provide quality education and ensure fair evaluation, BISE Multan has emerged as a vital institution in the field of education. This article provides an overview of BISE Multan’s functions, scope, and impact on the educational landscape.

Establishment and Jurisdiction

BISE Multan was established in 1968 under the West Pakistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Ordinance. It was later renamed and established as an autonomous body in 1976. BISE Multan has the jurisdiction to conduct intermediate and secondary examinations for educational institutions within the Multan Division, which includes the districts of Multan, Khanewal, Vehari, and Lodhran.

Grading System

BISE Multan employs a comprehensive grading system that ranges from A to F. This system offers a standardized assessment of students’ performance, with A representing the highest grade achievable and F indicating failure. The grading system allows for a fair evaluation of students’ abilities and achievements.

Embracing Digitalization

In line with modern technological advancements, BISE Multan has embraced digitalization to enhance accessibility and efficiency. The official website ( serves as a hub for students, parents, and educators, offering valuable information, exam schedules, results, and various administrative processes.


Q1: When Will the BISE Multan 1st Year Result 2024 Be Released?

Answer: 1st Year-11th Class Result BISE Multan has been declared on 1st October 2024.

Q2: How Can I Check My 1st Year Result Online?

Answer: To check your 1st Year results online, visit the official BISE Multan website. Navigate to the “Results” section, enter your roll number or name, and access your results, including subject-wise grades and overall performance.

Q3: What Information Do I Need to Check My Result Online?

Answer: To access your result online, you’ll need either your roll number or your full name as registered with BISE Multan.

Q4: Can I Check My Result by SMS?

Answer: Yes, you can check your result through SMS. Compose a message with your roll number and send it to the official BISE Multan result inquiry number. You’ll receive an SMS with your 1st Year Result shortly afterward.

Q5: What If I Have Misplaced My Roll Number?

Answer: If you have lost your roll number, you can find it on your admit card or examination documents. Keeping track of your roll number is crucial for result checking.

Q6: How Can I Obtain a Gazette Copy of the Result?

Answer: To obtain a gazette copy of the result, you can purchase the official gazette from authorized bookstores or BISE Multan offices. The gazette contains a comprehensive list of results for all candidates.

Q7: What Is the Grading System Used by BISE Multan?

Answer: BISE Multan employs a grading system from A to F. A represents the highest grade achievable, while F indicates failure.

Q8: Can I Challenge or Recheck My Result?

Answer: Yes, BISE Multan provides a rechecking and re-evaluation process for students who believe there might be discrepancies in their result. Follow the official guidelines and deadlines to request a recheck.

Q9: How Should I Interpret My Result?

Answer: Your result will showcase your performance in each subject along with your grades. Analyze the grades to identify areas where you’ve excelled and areas that may need improvement.

Q10: What Should I Do After Checking My Result?

Answer: After checking your results, plan your academic path. Consider your career aspirations, subject preferences, and future courses. Use your results as a foundation for setting academic goals.